Eligibility Verification



Eligibility Verification

Claims are mostly denied because the patient’s eligibility and benefits are not verified, and the insurance provider does not cover the patient or service.

Establishing an insurance verification process or working with a professional organization can save a significant portion of revenue for the practice.

Healthcare providers can submit clean claims via eligibility verification processes.

So, claim resubmissions are avoided, demographic rejections and denials are reduced, and upfront collections are improved - this leads to better patient satisfaction and accurate medical billing.

Increasing the efficiency of your medical billing practices, as well as boosting the bottom line of your business, is achieved by our eligibility and verification team.

Before providing clinical services to a patient, it is imperative to verify their insurance benefits and eligibility.

Using custom-designed sheets, we offer patient eligibility and benefits services according to the client's needs.


Our Eligibility Verification Services

  • Get a copy of the digital ID card.
  • ID card verification for members.
  • Check the care provider’s network status and tier status.
  • Find missing or invalid data as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that coverage limits and therapy accumulation are correct.
  • Find out more about benefits and eligibility.
  • The member’s care plan can be viewed, added notes to, or commented on.